Nylon flow modifier CF-201

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Nylon flow modifier CF-201

product description:

  CHEM CORD CF-201 is a powerful flow modifier specially developed for nylon. It can increase the flow rate of nylon composite granulation material by more than 2-5 times without affecting the physical properties of the product. Improves the surface gloss of the product and does not affect the surface coating, printing and plating of nylon products.

Application products: PA6, PA66

The recommended addition amount is 0.3-0.6%


(1) Improve the fluidity of nylon products by 2-5 times or more

(2) Enhance the dispersion of the glass fiber, and have a certain effect on the surface of the product floating fiber or glass fiber dispersion uneven.

(3) No effect on the spraying, coating, etc. of the product, no effect on the life and aging of the product

(4) The amount of addition is small, the effect is very significant. It is generally recommended to add 0.3-0.6%.

(5) It is beneficial for demoulding, reducing processing temperature, saving current and reducing energy consumption


Applied to super-tough nylon to greatly improve the fluidity of nylon, adding 3 ‰ is enough to increase MFI (flow rate) 1-2 times,

 Add 5 inches to increase by more than 2.5 times

Applied to reinforced or reinforced flame retardant nylon added 3 ‰, enough to increase MFI (flow rate) 2-3 times, adding 0.6% enough to increase more than 3 times