Nylon super tough toughening compatibilizer WS-405

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Nylon super tough toughening compatibilizer WS-405

Product Overview: WS series is an elastomer graft, suitable for toughening of polar resin such as nylon; also suitable for PA or PP or TPE toughening coating system; PA / PP alloy system; PA enhanced toughening , filling, flame retardant system; PA1010, PA46 toughening or alloy system; similarly, also used for polyolefin filling and toughening.

The WS-405 is one of the best, it has a very low hardness (only about 55A), and 15-20% more toughness than similar products, so there are some aspects of modified nylon low temperature toughening and TPE soft rubber. Wide application prospects.


Odorless and environmentally friendly, improving the processing environment, suitable for environmental protection and export products

High grafting rate, low addition

Unique stable grafting point treatment process to make the performance of modified materials more stable

Unique black point control process

typical application:

Glass fiber reinforced and toughened nylon

Super tough (low temperature toughened) nylon, nylon cable tie, flame retardant reinforced and toughened nylon